Directors of one of the leading entertainment companies in the events industry, SMA’s founders  – successful performers in international musical theatre productions – each noticed that a certain level of quality was missing in corporate and special event entertainment.

After putting their heads together to come up with the right vehicle to launch SMA Productions, The Rat Pack’s Back was launched at AIME in 2002 after a year in development and received a standing ovation.  They had a something new; something that would reach a wide demographic; something that would be fun for audiences to not only watch but to be a part of; something that gave them and their other performers the opportunity to “show off” a little!

Once the word-of-mouth kicked in, SMA grew as did their client-base and unique shows followed as the directors continually developed new ideas. While there are many “corporate entertainers”, few companies are run by actual leading men that have proven their mettle in some of the greatest traditional and contemporary musicals around the world. That experience gives SMA and their clients an edge when conceiving and creating a level of entertainment that is hard to match. The quality of each show is assured by only employing the best performing artists in the business, never compromising the quality of any show. Testament to this quality is the fact that many of SMA’s corporate acts have gone on to headline public concerts in Australia and the United Kingdom.