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VIDEO-02The Diamonds features 3 stunning and talented young women. The show spans from the original sisters of swing and soul to the legends of motown and divas of disco and pop.

String Diva now unite with a stunning vocalist to create a contemporary, edgy and fully choreographed extravaganza, including the biggest female pop anthems of all time.

Boys in the Band celebrates the world’s greatest hits from the most iconic bands of the 20th Century including The Jersey Boys, The Beatles, The Jackson 5 and The Bee Gees.

String Diva combines the extraordinary talents of three stunning and talented young musicians performing music the world adores.

The Rat Pack’s Back has burst into the special event and concert scene in a tongue-in-cheek show evoking the style of the infamous American Rat Pack – evoking the style of Frank Dean and Sammy and the magnificent Swing era.

Opera By Disguise continues to amuse, inspire and literally bring people to their feet, everywhere they perform around the world.

Entertainment by Design SMA is widely recognised for their unique “niche” acts and for bringing a whole new class to corporate entertainment – on every level.

OOH James! brings the world’s favourite leading man to the stage in the slickest, coolest and – dare we say it – most debonair show ever to hit the corporate entertainment scene

The Players extensive repertoire will ensure your dance floor remains grooving. From current chart hits to classic dance floor anthems, sophisticated jazz sets to high impact opening numbers, your event is guaranteed to be ‘Signed, Sealed and Delivered’!